Winter Weather…a Study in Contrasts…

One of the amazing things about living in the desert during the Winter months is getting to see the snow at the tops of the mountains and the flowers blooming here in the valley.

We’ve had several heavy snowfalls this year, but thankfully, none of the white fluffy stuff has come down below 4,000 feet.

That means we get to enjoy it from afar (unless we get adventurous and ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the top of Mount San Jacinto or drive up to Big Bear for some skiing).

Better yet, lots of snow up there and a little rain down here means we’ll have water to replenish our water table and Spring Flowers blooming all over the desert in just a couple of weeks.

Not to say we don’t already have some flowers. We do. The citrus trees are already blooming and their scents are wafting through the air, the jasmine (my favorite) is beginning to bloom, and the flowers in the gardens are up and in full bloom.

We’ve also been busy in the vegetable garden – enjoying fresh lettuces, beets and carrots while anxiously awaiting the potatoes, squash, beans and tomatoes! We can grow some sort of veggies pretty much year-round, and do pretty well, despite limited space, thanks to David’s diligence and green thumbs!

Not to say we don’t have seasons either. We have them too. There’s a definite change in the air already, and lots of the bulb plants are coming up now that the night-time temperatures are getting warmer and the days are getting longer. This week, the weather is particularly nice with daytime temps in the low eighties and  nighttime temps in the high fifties.

Lots of events are coming up. Springtime in Palm Springs is filled to overflowing with things to do, both in terms of special events, and in terms of just being able to enjoy the natural surroundings. Life is good, and it’s a great time to be here!

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