Spring Flowers

It’s little wonder Spring is my favorite season. Birds singing, flowers blooming, days getting longer, and weather getting warmer. It doesn’t get much better.

Once again we are fortunate (thanks to David) to have beautiful flowers all over the property. Among them, a variety of Amaryllis that David has naturalized over the past couple of years. The giant red one is definitely¬† the most spectacular. The two flower stalks are over two feet tall and the flowers…well, they speak for themselves. (Amaryllis is also known as the belladonna lily.)

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We also have several colors of California Poppy this year for the first time, plus one exotic variety that is just getting ready to bloom (pictures to come). Flowers are a profusion of color (plus the occasional monochrome bed to appease me), and the bougainvillea has finally recovered from the Winter frost. They are all really beautiful; filled with blooms.

We have lots of vegetables this year as well. Already been having greens (mustard, beet, lettuce, romaine, cress and rainbow chard), tomatillos, beets carrots, radishes, squash, tomatoes, basil, rosemary and more.

Still to come: LOTS of tomatoes, squash, potatoes, beans, beets, sunflowers and the list just goes on and on. Been cooking lots of great new dishes fresh from the garden!

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