Summer News

Summer’s Here And The Deals Are Endless!

Summertime has “officially” arrived in North America, but here in Palm Springs, we’ve already begun celebrating Summer with Palm Springs Summer Splash – the great Summer Savings Program sponsored by the Desert Gay Tourism Guild.

Summer Splash lasts until September 15th this year, with more companies participating than ever. To see all the specials and great discounts, visit, or just pick up a Splash Pass when you visit us at the Triangle Inn Palm Springs.

The Splash Pass is a wallet-sized brochure that’s chock full of Summer Discounts at bars, retailers, attractions, restaurants and more!

Love Naked Yoga? We do too!

Bryan Harrelson is hosting our annual Sizzlin’ Summer Naked Yoga Retreat, which starts July 24th and runs through the 28th. This retreat is always lots of fun, and it’s Bryan’s second year leading it for us. There’s still space available. Just give us a call.

BMSO Update! Finally, Photos!

As many of you know, last January, we hosted our first Big Mac Shoot Out with Kendal Garrison of Prairie Visions Photography.


A variety of talented photographers, including Kendal Garrison, Mark Gebhardt, Dan Dreisbach, Alvin O. and more! They came to the Inn and spent the weekend shooting some amazing photos of our six hot models!

Anyway, I’ve been promising for ages to share some of those photos with everyone, and am finally happy to be able to share a few in this newsletter.

If you’d like to see more (and there are LOTS more), you will have to visit and join our social network because most of these photos are definitely not “G” rated. I can promise you though. It’s well worth it. :)

Please note that the photographers retain all the rights to these photos and have generously agreed to let us share them with friends in this newsletter and on our social network (where you can see them all).

Want to know more?

Visit or call us at 800-732-7555.

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